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Stratton Building Services has a vast range of skilled tradesman with expertise in a variety of Damp Proofing Near Me. As a professional business, our clients are always at the heart of everything that we do. At Stratton Building Services, it is essential that every project remains in budget and is delivered in a timely manner. Along with meeting project deadline and budget, the quality of the end product is of the utmost importance. All aspects of building can be provided by us, including but not limited to; carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, plastering, tiling and bricklaying. All tradesmen from Stratton Building Services have a wealth of experience and provide an excellent service.
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At Stratton Building Services we have damp proofing experts with over 15 years of experience. Stratton Building Services are an official Triton chemicals member and therefore only the best chemicals are used. This means we can offer a range of services for all your damp proofing needs. There are a variety of Damp Proofing Near Me problems, but the most common forms of damp are; rising damp, penetrating damp, salt damp and blocked cavity walls. It is essential that the damp is properly assessed to ensure the correct damp service is provided.

Leak and Flood Restoration

When your home is water damaged from a leak or flood time is of the essence. Stratton Building Services understand the effect this can have on you and your family and therefore work in a professional and timely manner to ensure the restoration work is completed to the highest standards. If water damage is not handled effectively and efficiently by experts, then further damage may go unnoticed and cause structural issues. From minor interior leaks to full scale flood restoration for domestic properties, Stratton Building Services have the expertise to restore your home to the highest standard.



At Stratton Building Services we understand that building work on your family home can be stressful and invasive.


Loft Conversions

Converting your loft can be an easy, cost effective and straightforward way of extending your living space.



Stratton Building Services provide high quality refurbishments for any type of domestic building.


Other Services

Stratton Building Services have a vast range of skilled tradesman with expertise in a variety of areas.